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We offer all types of gunsmith services such as repairs and modifications to bring your firearm back to original condition or enhance its functionality and reliability.

Shop labor is $65/hour.

If a firearm is dropped off for malfunction diagnosis, please bring your preferred ammo.

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If you require a service that isn’t listed here, please ask.
Action smoothing and polishing. Access to the largest parts inventories in the US. Trigger jobs including competition and performance triggers.
Trigger parts replaced and upgraded Detailed cleaning and proper lubrication. Sights for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
Precision scope installation and accuracy enhancments. Barrel installation. Recoil management and spring kits
Replacement rifle stocks including bedding Refinishing AR-15 Builds from mild to wild
Ultrasonic Cleaning Service for Suppressors. Chamber and Bore Polishing Drill and Tap Receivers for Scope Mounts
Laser Bore Sighting Color-fill for Frames and Slides Slide Milling