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What is stippling?

Stippling is a process applied to a polymer frame or grip surface of a handgun or pistol grip of a rifle or shotgun.

Why should I consider stippling?

Once you have put a stippled frame in your hands you will immediately notice how it “melts” in your hand. You will experience the best gripping surface that you’ve ever felt as it has more contact area than a factory grip surface.

Hand stippling VS. laser stippling.

At FPE guns I only offer hand stippling. While it’s true you can achieve more patterns and logos with laser engraving. It’s also true that it is a subtractive process whereby the laser removes material making the grip feel smaller in your hands. Hand stippling is a displacement process whereby every time you plunge the heated tool into the grip surface it displaces the polymer material and raises the profile. The result is a gripping surface that fits your hands better and gives you a far superior purchase on your firearm. Another advantage is being able to stipple more of the grip such as under the beaver-tail area.

In summary:

I offer 34 different stippling patterns with unlimited combinations along with trigger guard undercuts for a truly custom feel and look. Once you have stippled one of your handguns you will want to do them all. Please don’t hesitate to call or message me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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